Help! Our Fundraisers Keep Leaving Us

I don’t have to tell you that high turnover among senior fundraisers is a very costly problem for nonprofits. Evidence shows that the average time a chief development officer stays in one job is 18 months. ¬†Finding and hiring someone … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing as a Grantwriter

  ¬† I’m like that Japanese soldier who kept on fighting World War II for twenty-nine years after it ended. There is no need for alarm; I don’t intend to shoot any innocent civilians over this. Why so grouchy? What … Continue reading

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Why Invest in an Interim Development Director

You can’t cut back your fundraising efforts for too long – no matter how successful they have been – without doing some damage. I can help by putting my 35 years of fundraising management experience to work for you as … Continue reading

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