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Your development director is leaving and you need to keep things going until you find a replacement

Let’s talk about how I can
…manage your development department on a part-time, temporary basis that will meet your fundraising needs as well as your budget

You want to hire your first professional development director

Let’s talk about how I can
… help you determine the mix of skills that will work best for you * work with board, leadership, and program staff to set realistic expectations * help everyone understand the fundraising process and the roles they play (yes, everyone has a role) * develop a preliminary fundraising plan * advise you on the recruitment and interviewing process * manage your fundraising until you find the right staff person

Most of your funding comes from government and private grants and you are starved for unrestricted funding

Let’s talk about how I can
…help you build and maintain an individual donor base to strengthen your long-term sustainability *attract corporate and private foundation grants * make the most out of fundraising events * determine the feasibility of capital campaigns

You see a lot of of government and private grant funding out there and you feel you are not getting as much as you should

Let’s talk about how I can use my affiliation with McGee Fund Raising Counsel to
…assess your potential for grant funding * develop a grant seeking plan * research the best potential funding organizations * work with the program staff to prepare proposals * submit proposals, coordinate meetings with key staff, and follow up * provide training for development and proposal staff on developing projects most likely to attract grant funding

You need someone with a level of fundraising skills you can’t afford

Let’s talk about how I can
…work with you to set up a custom coaching / training plan to strengthen your in-house skills * make sure that I leave you with an increased capacity to effectively raise and manage funds

Your board could do much more to support your fundraising efforts

Let’s talk about how I can
…work with the board to address their attitudes toward fundraising and develop a training /coaching plan to address their specific concerns

You are an executive director and you need to learn more about fundraising

Let’s talk about 
…creating a coaching plan that will address your particular needs

There is too much turnover among your fundraising staff

Let’s talk about how I can
…work with you to find out why and see what you can do to keep your staff

You are a consultant who wants to add a fundraising component to your work with a particular client

Let’s talk about how I can
…work with you as a sub-contractor to strengthen your services and keep the entire job in-house

You have an issue I haven’t covered here

Let’s talk


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