The Foundation Center

  • The essential information source for thousands of foundation and corporate donors, including donor profiles, 990’s, grant history, staff, and directors.

Individual foundation websites

  • Don’t even think of applying for grants from foundations that maintain their own websites without thoroughly reviewing all the information they post.

LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Increasingly valuable for information about individuals, including their contacts; some company and foundation pages are much better for organizational information;


  • Comprehensive database of US 501©(3) nonprofit organizations including 990’s, audit reports, key staff, board, and summaries of mission statements.

Federal Grants Directory

  • All you need to know about finding and applying for government grants

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

  • Every federal government grant in existence – not all are funded or currently active

Education World

  • Grants for education

Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement

Prasad Consulting and Research

  • Comprehensive, professional searches and consultation


  • A fee based database for researching individual, corporate, and foundation giving

NOZA Prospect Research 101

  • Excellent free articles on prospect research, with links to additional sources of corporate and individual information


  • A nonprofit resource for news, trends and best practices, this is an aggregate of blogs in different nonprofit interest areas. The link above is to the major gifts blog, which has a good deal of information about prospect research

David Lamb’s Prospect Research Page –

  • A collection of prospect research directories and services. Caution: it has not been updated in three years, although much of the information is still relevant.

Zoominfo   http//

  • Employment information

Fundsnet Services

Donor Search

  • Fee based comprehensive individual donor research

Internal Revenue Service

Wealth Engine


  • One of the most comprehensive information sources available, but very expensive; try getting board members in financial or law offices to do some pro-bono research for you – many subscribe already; or try hooking up with other nonprofits; not worth it for small nonprofits

Search Systems

  • Collection of free public records databases

BRB Publications

  • Public records search

Michigan State University Grants and Related Resources


The Prospect Finder

  • Web site for a consulting firm; a lot of good information and newsletter archives

  • Estimated real estate valuation

The Million Dollar List

  • Comprehensive data and analysis of high net worth giving; in aggregate and by individual donors and recipients

Ford Foundation

  • Some additional resources for grantseekers;  their website has a great deal of information about their areas of interest and many helpful links

Chronicle of Philanthropy  new grants listings

Digital Public Library of America

  • Metadata; approach with caution



This section was especially daunting because there are so many blogs out there. The key is to find the ones that meet your particular needs. Many of the websites listed in other sections of this directory have links to blogs.


Foundation Center Blogs

LinkedIn Discussion Groups

Beth’s Blog

  •  Social media and technology in the nonprofit world

Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Blog

Getting Attention

Nonprofit Marketing Zone

  •  A collection of marketing and fundraising blogs and related news articles

Chronicle of Philanthropy Blogs


  •   Includes links to many other blogs

A.Fine Blog   A.Fine Blog

  • Social media


  •   Arts

Next Billion

  •  Development through enterprise

Money and Mission

Nonprofit Law Blog



Aronson Nonprofit Report

New Science of Philanthropy

  •  Focus on donor retention


  • Marketing

Fundraising Compass

  • Interesting miscellany


  • Lots of fundraising information; great blog

Great Nonprofits Blog




These are books I have read – at least in part - or use as references. I encourage you to check the AFP bookstore, listed at the end. You will also find recommended reading in many of the blogs, publications, and websites elsewhere on this list. I use an abbreviated form of bibliographical listings to save time.

America’s Nonprofit Sector, A Primer by Lester M. Salamon, The Foundation Center, 2012

  • Essential resource for everyone working in nonprofits

Securing Your Organization’s Future by Michael Seltzer, The Foundation Center, 2001

  • From starting a nonprofit to comprehensive resource development strategies,  a must-have for every fundraiser and nonprofit manager’s bookshelf

Fundraising Basics by Barbara L. Ciconte and Jeanne G. Jacob, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2009

  • Techniques and strategies; AFP recommended

Fundraising Principals and Practice by Adrian Sargeant, Jen Shang, and Associates, Jossey-Bass, 2010

The Relentlessly Practical Guide to Raising Serious Money by David L. Landsdowne, Emerson and Church2008

  • Fundraising basics in a readable, easy to digest form that is short enough to get executive directors and board members reading.

Keep Your Donors by Tom Ahern and Simone Joyaux, John Wiley & Sons, 2008

  • Tom and Simone combine original thinking in communications and fund development to take your donor relations to new levels

Strategic Fund Development Third Edition by Simone Joyaux, John Wiley & Sons, 2011

  • There is no one like Simone; she firmly places fundraising in the center of in nonprofit management – where it belongs

The End of Fund Raising by Jason Saul, Jossey-Bass, 2011

  • Twisted some knickers but gets fundraisers thinking about new ways to present their value to corporations and the communities they serve

Donor Centered Fundraising by Penelope Burk, Burk & Associates, 2003

  • A fundraising classic; Burk has a new book coming out in 2013

 Nonprofit Sustainability; Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability  by Jeanne Bell, Jan Masoka, and Steve Zimmerman, Jossey-Bass, 2010

  • Looking at programs from the perspective of revenue generation.

 Building Nonprofit Capacity by John Brothers and Anne Sherman, Jossey Bass, 2012

  • An unprecedented look at organizational change and how to manage effectively across a  nonprofit’s life cycle

Leap of Reason by Mario Morino, Venture Philanthropy Partners, 2011

  • A collection of essays centered around identifying and measuring outcomes to make sure you are fulfilling your mission.

Performance Measurement 2nd Edition by Harry P. Hatry,  The Urban Institute Press, 2006

Fundraising Analytics by Joshua M. Birkholz John Wiley & Sons, 2008

Seeing Through a Donor’s Eyes by Tom Ahern, Emerson & Church, 2009

  • Tom Ahern is a genius at helping you communicate persuasively and effectively.

How to Write Fundraising Materials That Raise More Money by Tom Ahern, Emerson & Church, 2007

  • See the previous listing. Factoid: Tom Ahern is married to Simone Joyaux.

Finally – Outcome Measurement Strategies Anyone Can Understand, Second Edition,  by Laurel A. Molloy, MPA, 2010

  • An easy to use guide to building a logic model for management and fundraising

Easier Than You Think Guide to Nonprofit Finances by Andy Robinson and Nancy Wasserman, Emerson & Church, 2012

Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations by Bernard Ross & Clare Segal,  Jossey Bass, 2002

The Influential Fundraiser by Bernard Ross & Clare Segal,  Jossey Bass, 2009

The ASK by Laura Fredricks, Jossey Bass, 2010

Sustaining Nonprofit Performance by Paul C. Light, Brookings Institution Press, 2004

  • Paul Light is a highly respected academic and a prolific writer.  Check out all of his publications for an accessible wonk fix.

Good to Great and the Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great by Jim Collins, HarperCollins, 2005

Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits by L.R. Crutchfield & H. McLeod Grant, Jossey-Bass, 2008

 philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save The World by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green, Bloomsbury Press, 2008

  • Philanthropy according to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, et. al

Uncharitable by Dan Pallotta , Tufts University Press, 2008

  • Agree, disagree, a view from a different perspective. See also his TED talk on You Tube

Emerson and Church  Publishers

  • A variety of books related to fundraising

AFP Bookstore

  • The best place for books on fundraising, philanthropy, and nonprofits; includes a recommended reading list.



Individual company websites for annual reports, key staff, board members, business interests, etc.

Securities and Exchange Commission

  •  Information on publicly traded companies


  •  Business news, investment info, etc,

10K Wizard

  •  Full text research on company filings

Dun & Bradstreet

  •   Information on private companies – expensive

Chambers of Commerce- national and local

  • Basic information about corporations and businesses of all sizes; good also for finding corporate connections for individual donor research

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Stock info, bios, compensation, filings


  • Track by business people, companies, or industries

Better Business Bureaus

  •  Information and ratings for businesses and local charities


  • Directory of all US businesses, including location maps and nearby companies; good for finding local businesses

Conference Board

Arts and Business Council



A wealth of business information; source of rich lists



The Foundation Center

  • A rich source of information including newsletters, links, blogs, and other essential information for fundraisers, nonprofit managers, and philanthropists

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Changing Our World

Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Exponential Fundraising

  Association of Fundraising Professionals

  • Has its own database of resources for members

Benz Whaley Flessner

  • Topics related to donor analytics, metrics and prospect management from a major consulting firm; including a blog (DonorCast) and a variety of published reports

Innovation Network


 Social Velocity

Kirsch Foundation

  • Philanthropic venture capital

 National Capital Ventures Association

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

Joyaux Associates

  • A wealth of information and resources; there is nobody like Simone Joyaux

 Taxwise Giving & Philanthropy Tax Institute

  •  Planned giving


  •  Info on all their services as well as a wealth of resources for nonprofits



American Marketing Association Foundation

Cause Effective

  • Helps nonprofit organizations build their capacities to develop human and financial resources through consulting, workshops and publications.

Community Resource Exchange

  • Assistance to nonprofit organizations serving the poor and disenfranchised.

United Way of New York City

Taproot Foundation

  • Pro-bono assistance in areas such as financial management, marketing, technology, public relations, etc.


  • Website related to Philanthrocapitalism, listed in the book section.


  • Crowdfunding

  • Lots of good, free stuff


  • Resources for international grant seekers





Constant Contact


Big Duck

  • Works exclusively with nonprofits


  •   A nonprofit technology community

Grow Your Base

  •  Free online courses and training to help you build your online base of support

Salsa Labs

  • An online platform for fundraising, advocacy, communicating and organizing; benefactor of the free services on  Grow Your Base

17 Essential Content Templates and Checklists

  • Formats for your website and social media content



Nonprofit Online News

Philanthropy Journal

Philanthropy News Digest

Nonprofit Times

Chronicle of Philanthropy

New York Nonprofit Press

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Nonprofit Quarterly

Grassroots Fundraising Journal

Fundraising Success Magazine

Contributions Magazine  http,



Management Assistance for Nonprofits

National Executive Service Corps (NESC)

Experienced senior executive volunteers provide a wide range management consulting to nonprofits at reduced rates

 Issue Lab



Nonprofit Assistance Fund

  • Resources for social enterprises, nonprofit leaders, and small business owners


  •  Jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships

Internal Revenue Service

Government Resources for nonprofits and Businesses

Board Source

New York State Charities Bureau

Nonprofit Finance Fund

Lawyers Alliance

Support  Center for Nonprofit Management

Arts and Business Council

Citizen’s Committee for New YorkKeeping Track Online

  • Statistics on more than 100 measures of child well being in New York City


  • Virtual roundtables with innovators helping figure out how to reinvent 20th-century systems to work in the 21st   from a global and an American perspective in areas like climate change, energy, food production, etc.

Social Progress Imperative

  • advancing global human wellbeing, by combining national social performance and capacity indicators with solutions-oriented outreach

 Initiative for Impact Evaluation Evaluating Impact, Informing Policy, Improving Lives



  • Shared resources on a wide range of nonprofit concerns

Grant Thornton

  • Good info from a large accounting firm; get on their mailing list to get invited to their periodical seminars on nonprofit management







Alliance for Nonprofit Management

The Giving Institute

  • Formerly the American Institute of Fundraising Counsel; publisher of Giving USA, an annual survey of philanthropy

Association of Fundraising Professionals

Charity Channel

Council on Foundations

Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Philanthropy New York

  • Formerly New York Regional Association of Grantmakers

 Independent Sector

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

National Council of Nonprofits

Center for Effective Government

  •  Formerly OMB Watch

Governance Matters

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

United Way of New York City

Arts and Business Council

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York

  • A wide range of resources and services, especially helpful for small nonprofits; home of  the Nonprofit Excellence Awards



Better Business Bureau

Charity Navigator

Charity Watch

  • Formerly the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers

Give Well

Great Nonprofits

New York State Office of the Attorney General

NYPAS New York Philanthropic Advisory Service

Philanthropy New York

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

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