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Osinski Development Resources partners with McGee Fund Raising Counsel to provide exceptional grant seeking services, including: identification and vetting of potential funders: proposal preparation, submission, and follow-up; reporting and resubmission. For more information, email  or leave a message on the “get in touch” page.

McGee Fund Raising Counsel offers a range of consultative services for nonprofit agencies of all sizes—from start-up, grass roots organizations to large and established institutions.   MFRC specializes in prospect research and proposal preparation, and has successfully raised funds from both public and private funding sources for:

 q  Education Programs:  public and private preschool and afterschool education, literacy programs, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and community-based adult education programs.

q  Health Care:  AIDS, hospital-based and community health programs, mental health programs.

q  Social Services: aging, vocational rehabilitation, LGBT issues, employment & training, children’s services, the disabled community.

q  Arts and cultural programs.

q  Advocacy.

Clients employ MFRC:

             If they lack staff to continually monitor new grant opportunities, research potential funding sources, write proposals, and keep abreast of funders’ requirements for interim and final reports.    MFRC contracts on a monthly retainer basis to provide ongoing support to the agency—which can include not only proposal and report writing, but preparation of position papers, letters of intent, case statements, and major donor presentations.  Fees for this service are negotiated individually with each client.

 If they face an urgent deadline for a major public or private funding opportunity.  These clients contract with MFRC on a per project basis to write the proposal and prepare the budget.  Project rates based on an hourly estimate are determined for these services; clients are provided with the written estimate.

If they want to develop in house staff expertise in fundraising.  MFRC conducts workshops in proposal writing, prospect research, and program development.  Fees are individually negotiated.

 If they need technical assistance.  MFRC will review and analyze an agency’s proposals and other fundraising materials to make suggestions to improve effectiveness.  Fees are individually negotiated.

Eleanor McGee, Owner has 34 years of experience, both as a senior administrator/chief executive at New York City metro area nonprofit organizations that serve people with disabilities and as an independent fundraising consultant.  She has created and implemented strategic fundraising plans and development activities, with particular emphasis on private and corporate foundation grant activity and government grant/ contract opportunities.  Her work has resulted in $10 million in private and corporate grants, and over $40 million in state, city and federally funded government contract awards.  Areas of expertise include welfare-to-work, adult education and skills training, mental health programs, HIV/AIDS, and all employment-focused programs.  As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Eleanor McGee has served on city, state and national association boards, and government-sponsored task forces.

Writing samples, training curricula and client list are available on request.  There is no charge for an initial consultation.






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